Pledge 1

Promote the “Eastbourne Dementia Inclusive Community Charter” to
at least 5 other Eastbourne organisations
(we can provide the introductory text).

Pledge 2

Follow the EDAA Facebook page (@EastbourneDementiaActionAlliance)
and share details of Dementia inclusive services and initiatives.

Pledge 3

Schedule either an in-house Dementia Friends information session for colleagues / members (minimum 10 people), join a public session, or request an online session.

See our Awareness and Information page for further information about arranging sessions. 

Pledge 4

Organise and publicise Dementia awareness fundraising events eg book or cake sales, sponsored walks / runs. Involve as many people as possible.

Pledge 5

Display an EDAA poster and / or sticker (available shortly), and Dementia-related information on notice boards and / or in public areas, signposting where people can go for help and support if concerned about a possible diagnosis of Dementia.

Pledge 6

Participate in EDAA networking and engagement events to share ideas and information about how we can help improve the lives of people living with Dementia and / or their families, friends, and carers.

Pledge 7

Nominate the EDAA to become your Charity of the Year or sponsor EDAA events (sponsorship details available shortly).

Pledge 8

Learn from the experts by experience, Sea DEEP. If you are running an activity / event, or if you’re a retailer or public service provider, engage with Sea DEEP – the group can help guide you, for example, in your delivery of services, providing first-hand knowledge and experience on how to make your event, activity or space more inclusive to everyone - but especially to people living with Dementia. Ask the EDAA for an introduction as part of your "sign up".

Pledge 9

Other – your own suggestion. Please provide details with your application and the Trustees will consider whether it reflects the Charter’s objectives.