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'We want to work together to help make Eastbourne more dementia inclusive. We know from first-hand experience what could help improve awareness, understanding and support for people living with dementia. We need to have a voice, rather than have people assume what is needed, to help us lead an active and fulfilling life.'

'We feel our meetings are positive, a reassuring haven among people who really understand. A place of real friendship, warmth, companionship, and humour. It is informal and can develop to suit the needs of the group. We feel it is a real lifeline and fills a very big gap in support for people living with dementia.'

Julie and Phil from Sea DEEP Eastbourne were asked what DEEP meant to them and below is their reply.

"We think of DEEP as a haven of:- warmth, friendship, companionship and humour,

positivity, reassurance and true understanding, inclusivity and non-judgement, information, support and connections!

It is an active force for improving awareness, understanding and support for people living with dementia.

It offers a unique platform for people living with early dementia to have a voice in what would help them to live an active and fulfilling life in the early stages and to facilitate that.

It recognises that one size does not fit all and people need to be treated as individuals, who still have a lot to offer and live for."

In short, it helps to keep us going!

Take care,

Julie and Phil”

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