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Meetings are being held at Cranbrook (Pembury Road, Langney BN23 7FD) on the first Friday of every month between 2pm and 3.30pm. These can occasionally be cancelled at short notice so please contact the EDAA (see below) beforehand to check this and/or to request further information about the group.

Please note that the group will not be meeting on Friday, 1st December.

Tel: 01323 385285 (virtual office - please leave a message) 


Like many DEEP groups up and down the country, Sea DEEP are keen to conduct access audits of buildings and other public spaces in order to help businesses and other organisations (inc local transport facilities as shown in the photo below) understand what is required to make these more accessible for members of the dementia community. Sea DEEP members are also happy to give talks to management and staff in order to help raise awareness about the many different ways in which dementia can impact on the lives of people living with dementia and their caregivers

Sea DEEP station (crop)_edited-1.jpg

If you would like Sea DEEP to conduct an audit or give a talk to your organisation please contact the EDAA (see above for contact details). 

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