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Join Us & Together We Will Help People Living with Dementia to Live Well!

The Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) works with communities within Eastbourne and the surrounding areas to improve the quality of lives of people living with dementia and / or their families, friends, and carers. We are a charity providing guidance and information to members of the dementia community and work on delivering projects that will further our objectives.

We signpost people towards dementia inclusive services and initiatives and raise awareness

about how dementia affects a person through holding Dementia Friends information sessions.

We wish to encourage the creation of new more tailored dementia services and initiatives
by listening to, and being guided by, people living with dementia
to give them more autonomy and choice in their daily lives,
enabling their voices to be heard.

We are particularly delighted to be working with Sea DEEP, a group of people living with dementia,

who meet monthly in Eastbourne, providing each other with peer support, friendship, guidance, education and understanding, and discuss local issues affecting their daily lives.

Through participating in Sea DEEP meetings, the EDAA understands how people living with dementia

believe a dementia inclusive society could be created. We have taken on board their main issues of concern and incorporated them within our own objectives, enabling us to shape our future plans so the

voices of people living with dementia can be heard more clearly.

Through knowledge and connections with local businesses and dementia services and initiatives,

the EDAA and Sea DEEP hope to influence and bring about change to benefit people living with dementia and their families, friends and carers in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

The EDAA actively encourages and organises opportunities for local businesses and organisations to engage with us and Sea DEEP, to learn first-hand how dementia affects people’s lives.

Through working together in partnership, we aim to facilitate improvements in the scope and range of dementia services offered to enable people of any age living with dementia to live as well and independently for as long as possible during the different stages of their dementia journey.

Please contact us to find out how you could act and / or be part of the EDAA or Sea DEEP, helping to create a dementia inclusive community in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.



As a charity with limited resources, we welcome donations to support our work
as these enable us to plan for the future and plan new projects.